Aldnoah Zero: A Perfect Princess till the end

interesting analysis. Aldnoah was a great anime and actually had good perceptive depth in terms of a dramatic anime (only one that I can remember that actually has good intellectual depth of something similar would be guilty crown). Reblogged because it’d seem like something that’s worth reading (y).

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I’m just going to be focusing on Princess Asseylum here, the embodiment of all that is good and pure in this anime. The light motif continually surrounds her with sunbeams being her personal spotlight and well, I mean you can just look at the princess with her literally shiny blonde hair, iridescent eyes, fair complexion and that pure royal white dress that screams alert, this is our heroine our dearest strong and innocent princess!!!

Typical angelic face showcasing innocence and righteous determination Typical angelic face showcasing innocence and righteous determination

The only issue I have with dear Princess Asseylum here is, I can’t decide if I like her or not.

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Shieldbro ( Rise of the Shield Hero) Analyis – Chapters 104-105

As of chapter 105, we see now that all the conceptual ideas and mechanics of weapon evolution works for each respective player. As shown by Naofumi, these all combine to create the ‘full-proof’ weapon mechanics that could be used to evolve the weapons to a maximum.

As I’ve said before in my analysis of 101-103, there’s some basic analysis of how the weapons work. But imo, the collection of all the items is intriguingly similar to CCG games with a multiple fold of mechanics. This is also connected to other RPG mechanics including ;
The Crystarium evolution/Sphere Grid > FFXII/FFX respectively
Wartune’s weapon development mechanics
Forging tree > Muramasa : Demon Blade.

This here is the summation according to chapter 104 (

Level dependence.
Proficiency: The more the same weapon is used, the more the power increases.
Energy Grant: Hidden power can be unlocked by using energy granted from resetting the weapon’s skill proficiency. Additionally, items absorbed into the weapon can be converted into energy.
Rarity Increase: By using energy, it is possible to increase the weapon’s rarity. Overall ability will improve.

Everything is decided by his weapon. The weapon’s original strength doesn’t matter much, everything relies on Spirit Enchants. The necessary stats are needed to wield though.
Tempering: Equipment can be strengthened with the use of ore.
Spirit Enchant: By giving a weapon the fragment of a demon’s soul to absorb, special powers can be granted.
Status Enchant: Stats can be increased.

Everything is decided by bonuses granted by a weapon’s rarity.
Reinforcing: A weapon’s power can increase by using a specific type of ore.
Item Enchant: Items absorbed into the weapon provides energy that has a chance to increase the weapon’s attack percentage.
Job Level: Stats can be boosted up by absorbing items acquired from specific demons.
(Tl note: ドーピング Doping, I couldn’t really find a way to fit this into the sentence without it sounding weird. Example: Stats can be doped up by absorbing……” This makes me cringe for some reason.)


but anyways, if we were to collect all the mechanics together it’d look something like this :

Weapon : colour_[Insert Name Here] (status)            ?/x0 < (referral to ?=current level, x0 = max level)
Rarity : C/UC/R/E?/L? (Epic & Legendary respectively)
Enchantment Level X : [insert enchantment bonus]
Special Effect : [insert effect bonus]
Ability : [insert ability name]
Proficiency : [insert proficiency level] x000
Job Level X – insert Job Gauge here ?/Y
Spirit Enchant
{Insert name of Enchant} : [description of bonus]
Status Enchants
[Insert stat boosts]
Equipment Bonuses
[insert bonuses here(grade)]

but what does this all mean you ask, well for those who find it too difficult with all this mumbo jumbo, I’ll through an example in for you C:

Blue Example Shield (Broken) [7/40] R
Enchant Level 4 : 30% damage reduction from bad tutorials
Special Effect : Example Eater
Abilities : Auto-write 2, Auto-correct 1
Proficiency – 40
Student Job Level 3 – 6/10
Spirit Enchants
Teacher’s Pet Spirit : 90% damage reduction from Teachers, 20% damage increment from bullies
Disciplinary Spirit : 50% damage reduction from Bullies, 50% damage increase when attacking Bully
Status Enchants
+20 Strength
+20 Constitution
+15 Intelligence
Equipment Bonuses
Skill : Stress Relief: (level 3)
Skill : Discipline (Maxed)
Trauma Resistance (High)
Well it’s something relatively similar to this, comment below if you think it’s any different, I might’ve missed out something along the way so yea C:

Yoraikun and their translated chapter 105 :
Bakahou and their translated chapter 104 :

Shieldbro (Rise of the Shield Hero) Analysis – Chapter 101~103

Before I start any post I’ll put up the links and say my thanks to both Yorai and Bakahou for their translations
The links for each chapter are the following :
Chapter 101 –
Chapter 102 –
Chapter 103 –
Chapters 101 to 103 are all the same being “Hero Conference” with the respectively; start, during, end. The purpose of this so called hero conference is for the heroes to discuss any information that could assists the others in order to maximise the abilities of both the heroes and companions. However like usually, things get extremely awry as emotions rise and what should’ve been a discussion is a torrent of put downs in relation to each respective heroes character flaw being;
Naofumi – cynicism
Motoyasu – appearance
Ren – arrogance
Itsuki – lack of sincerity

So now I’ll start my crazed analytical rant!!!! o 3o

The heroes respectively arrive at the conference table instantly with Naofumi questioning the initial actions of peeping in the girls bath (read chapter 100 for more detail) where he states “What convenient justice” in mockery. The meeting thus starts as Motoyasu finally enters.
Shadow starts of by stating that the ‘island’ awakens suggesting the notion that the real EXP bonus event will occur quote Shadow – “Cal Mira Island will truly awaken” which essentially means that the high EXP giving monsters that were previously dormant are now active. Quote – “something about how those monsters held the greatest EXP or something…” this then leads to the other heroes mocking Naofumi about not having EXP bonus items, which ironically was a scam initialized by Naofumi’s idea being utilized by the accessory merchant quote ” Miracle Strap – quality very poor” where Naofumi laughs it off.

The discussion thus starts with comments on each others comrades –
Naofumi’s comrades are the first to be targetted where both Ren and Itsuki claims them to be extremely poor allies. Naofumi rebuttles stating instead that it is actually the heroes fault due to “lack of direction” and a ‘case of lies’ respectively, in which Itsuki tries to retaliate and claim that he wasn’t lying. “falcon strike” with a skill description, is then brought to the table in which Motoyasu obviously claims ‘that’s a blatant lie’. Discussion swings into Naofumi’s favour as despite Itsuki trying to pick out faults in him with Rafatalia, Naofumi doesn’t deny the claims which puts Itsuki on the defensive.Claims as such are :
– companions failure to comply with the heroes commands (Ren)
– bad teamwork (Ren)
-being annoying (Itsuki)

Itsuki’s comrades are discussed this time. Naofumi instantly starts firing off with rhetorical questions “What do you think a party is? There is a hierarchy, and they believe themselves to represent absolute justice. Do you plan to start a religion? Those people did nothing but talk of you.” which is agreed to with both Motoyasu and Ren’s statement. Claims as a result are
– hierarchy is established in the group with Armour bro at the top and sadly Rishia at the bottom (read chapter 95)
– bad hunting ethics where the group ‘mobs’ other people’s target monsters ( mobbing : the act of attacking an opponent who/which was already engaging in battle by another party/individual )

Naofumi claims Ren to have virtually no connection to his companions, stating that they act as another autonomous group instead of actually being an integrated team. quote – I sensed a large disconnection in your comrades. (Naofumi). Naofumi states that the group is entirely independent of Ren where the group actually works regardless of which hero they work under. Naofumi claims this as a good idea if groups could break independently, however due to limiting amounts of monsters to actually hunt, this results in not having the idea approved.
– Group is too independent from their leader resulting in a lack of connection.

There is nothing much to say about motoyasu’s party. All of them accept that it is a cheerleader squad more than anything. Motoyasu tries to state that it’s the heroes job to be at the vanguard, however this is approached by the fact that the individuals show absolutely no participation, with claims that party members even left without killing a single monster.
– Group is too reliant and refuses to work unless placed in adire situation.
– tension between comrades due to monopolizing the hero’s affection (Lol this made me laugh)

Essentially this is now the companions pointing out the flaws of each respective hero.

Motoyasu’s companions
– Claims of Ren being cold towards the members, a refusal to befriend or connect to the companions
– Claims of Itsuki not fighting to the fullest of his potential
– Has claims of Naofumi but these are considered invalid due to the fact that Bitch is extremely biased against Naofumi, even attempting to fire magic indirectly to injure him.

Ren’s companions
– Claim’s of Motoyasu’s role as a hero sidetracking, becoming a skirt-chaser rather than a hero
– Claims of Itsuki again not fighting to the fullest. Itsuki attempts to rebuttle this time but is put down by Naofumi and Motoyasu as well from Rafatalia’s witness.
– There are no claims on Naofumi, infact actually praising him

Itsuki’s companions
– Claim’s of Motoyasu hitting on girls in his group (referral to Rishia)
– Claim’s of Ren acting independent
– Claim’s of Naofumi being selfish and cruel
however the three other heroes deject stating that Itsuki’s companions are in the wrong, portraying bad hunting ethics (stated earlier) where shadow even puts the claims of blackmailing other parties..

Ultimately, Itsuki is the one in the toughest situation with his credibility as a hero damaged.

102 and 103)
This section is the actual part where they start exchanging information.
a) weapon copy. Apparently all the heroes besides Naofumi had copied their respective weapons from weapon shops which Naofumi neglected.
b) recipe and skill learning. Apparently after continuous feeding of items to your weapon, the weapon is capable of recreating that item or skill without the need for the hero to actually learn it.
c) the weapons can act as an invent, with the only problem being it can only hold items made from drops.

Now the troubling issue of strengthening weapons.
Each hero apparently has their own unique way of evolving their armaments.

In Itsuki’s case it is refinement. As part of RPG games, his weapon is able to refine itself to rarities of a certain level (Think of Common > Uncommon > Rare > Epic and so forth), similarly to typical RPG, it uses refinement stones in order to continuously refine. The greatest benefit of his system is that there is no chance of failed refinement.
Itsuki also has the ability to put enchantments on his equips similar to the concept of mixing. Utilizing ‘energy’ from other items, he can distribute this to his weapon to give addition effects. His effects are also good as they are percentile boosts rather than numerical increase.

In Ren’s case it is EXP distribution. Collectively his system works as a pool. Exp is gathered and can be distributed to the weapons which ultimately makes it stronger. The unique trait of his system is that in late game if an item he has powered up becomes obsolete and impractical for use, the EXP used to increase that weapon can be taken out and distributed to your newer and stronger weapons.

Motoyasu’s is based on weaponry level. Continual usage of the weapon levels it up and as a result unlocks level effects for the weapons. Motoyasu also has gem slotting with his weapons that give effects as well. Apparently with Motoyasu, he has a similar concept to title bonuses in which by clearing a certain amount of monsters gives him certain special effects that could be used against that monster class.

Naofumi’s abilities is the same as any other with the evolving ability gained through absorbing materials. However the others disclaim him, stating that he has cheats due to the fact that his shield has massive offensive abilities that are supposedly not seen in any other game. Which is ironic considering in this world the shield is a weapon but not considered an off-hand item unlike in the games the others state they’ve played.

Ultimately the abilities all work from different systems besides Naofumi which is the extension of the same attributes they all have being the absorption of items abilities.

I’ll be putting more analysis as more chapters are translated, sorry for starting at 101, the previous chapters from translating don’t have much additional concepts that are difficult to understand. so yea o 3o
Hope this helps C:

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