Shieldbro ( Rise of the Shield Hero) Analyis – Chapters 104-105

As of chapter 105, we see now that all the conceptual ideas and mechanics of weapon evolution works for each respective player. As shown by Naofumi, these all combine to create the ‘full-proof’ weapon mechanics that could be used to evolve the weapons to a maximum.

As I’ve said before in my analysis of 101-103, there’s some basic analysis of how the weapons work. But imo, the collection of all the items is intriguingly similar to CCG games with a multiple fold of mechanics. This is also connected to other RPG mechanics including ;
The Crystarium evolution/Sphere Grid > FFXII/FFX respectively
Wartune’s weapon development mechanics
Forging tree > Muramasa : Demon Blade.

This here is the summation according to chapter 104 (

Level dependence.
Proficiency: The more the same weapon is used, the more the power increases.
Energy Grant: Hidden power can be unlocked by using energy granted from resetting the weapon’s skill proficiency. Additionally, items absorbed into the weapon can be converted into energy.
Rarity Increase: By using energy, it is possible to increase the weapon’s rarity. Overall ability will improve.

Everything is decided by his weapon. The weapon’s original strength doesn’t matter much, everything relies on Spirit Enchants. The necessary stats are needed to wield though.
Tempering: Equipment can be strengthened with the use of ore.
Spirit Enchant: By giving a weapon the fragment of a demon’s soul to absorb, special powers can be granted.
Status Enchant: Stats can be increased.

Everything is decided by bonuses granted by a weapon’s rarity.
Reinforcing: A weapon’s power can increase by using a specific type of ore.
Item Enchant: Items absorbed into the weapon provides energy that has a chance to increase the weapon’s attack percentage.
Job Level: Stats can be boosted up by absorbing items acquired from specific demons.
(Tl note: ドーピング Doping, I couldn’t really find a way to fit this into the sentence without it sounding weird. Example: Stats can be doped up by absorbing……” This makes me cringe for some reason.)


but anyways, if we were to collect all the mechanics together it’d look something like this :

Weapon : colour_[Insert Name Here] (status)            ?/x0 < (referral to ?=current level, x0 = max level)
Rarity : C/UC/R/E?/L? (Epic & Legendary respectively)
Enchantment Level X : [insert enchantment bonus]
Special Effect : [insert effect bonus]
Ability : [insert ability name]
Proficiency : [insert proficiency level] x000
Job Level X – insert Job Gauge here ?/Y
Spirit Enchant
{Insert name of Enchant} : [description of bonus]
Status Enchants
[Insert stat boosts]
Equipment Bonuses
[insert bonuses here(grade)]

but what does this all mean you ask, well for those who find it too difficult with all this mumbo jumbo, I’ll through an example in for you C:

Blue Example Shield (Broken) [7/40] R
Enchant Level 4 : 30% damage reduction from bad tutorials
Special Effect : Example Eater
Abilities : Auto-write 2, Auto-correct 1
Proficiency – 40
Student Job Level 3 – 6/10
Spirit Enchants
Teacher’s Pet Spirit : 90% damage reduction from Teachers, 20% damage increment from bullies
Disciplinary Spirit : 50% damage reduction from Bullies, 50% damage increase when attacking Bully
Status Enchants
+20 Strength
+20 Constitution
+15 Intelligence
Equipment Bonuses
Skill : Stress Relief: (level 3)
Skill : Discipline (Maxed)
Trauma Resistance (High)
Well it’s something relatively similar to this, comment below if you think it’s any different, I might’ve missed out something along the way so yea C:

Yoraikun and their translated chapter 105 :
Bakahou and their translated chapter 104 :

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